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What Homeowners in Orlando Can Expect During the Foreclosure Process

What Homeowners in Orlando Can Expect During the Foreclosure Process – If the possibility of foreclosure looms over your property due to circumstances beyond your control, the best course of action is to engage with your lender to find a resolution before the situation escalates. Nevertheless, navigating the foreclosure process becomes more manageable when homeowners have a clear understanding What Homeowners in Orlando Can Expect During the Foreclosure Process of the steps involved. In this guide, we’ll delve into what residents of Orlando can anticipate throughout the foreclosure process, providing valuable insights for a more informed approach.


Lenders recognize that residents of Orlando might face temporary financial challenges, often allowing for a grace period in such situations. However, if you’ve fallen behind and viable options seem scarce, anticipate the lender reaching out through various channels during the foreclosure process. Their aim is to engage in dialogue and explore payment arrangements to prevent further actions. 

Notice of Default

During the foreclosure process, lenders will serve homeowners in Orlando with a notice of default, providing a 90-day window to address the outstanding payments.. 

Mortgage Reinstatement

For homeowners in Orlando navigating the foreclosure process, catching up on past-due payments, including interest and penalties, allows them to halt the process. Working with the lender to reinstate the mortgage ensures a return to regular payment schedules.

Notice of Sale

Following the 90-day period post-notice of default, the foreclosure process for homeowners in Orlando progresses to the notice of sale. Within the subsequent 21 days, the trustee (the lender) will auction the property, marking a crucial stage in the foreclosure proceedings..


The culmination of the foreclosure process for homeowners in Orlando is the auction. The winning bidder is required to make an immediate payment for the property. In the event that the home doesn’t sell at the auction, it transforms into an REO (Real Estate Owned) property, reverting to the lender. If you haven’t vacated the premises, the buyer is likely to initiate eviction proceedings. In the case of an REO, the lender may extend assistance with relocation, potentially offering cash for keys to facilitate a smoother transition. 

Consider Another Option

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