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How To Price Your Inherited Home In Orlando For Sale

How To Price Your Inherited Home – If you find yourself in possession of an inherited property and are considering selling it, be sure to delve into this blog post. Discover three valuable tips on how to price your inherited home in Orlando for a successful sale.

Have you found yourself in possession of an inherited property with thoughts of selling? While an inherited property is a meaningful gift, it can also present financial challenges. Opting to sell allows you to leverage the gifted equity for other purposes. However, navigating the sale of an inherited property might pose challenges, especially if you’re not well-versed in recent property transactions. To guide you through this process, here’s a comprehensive approach on how to price your inherited home in Orlando for a successful sale.

Tip #1: Price Quick To Sell

While some individuals choose to set the price of their inherited property based on what they believe the market could bear, it’s essential to recognize the multitude of factors influencing this valuation. A pivotal consideration in this process is your desired speed of sale. Opting for a traditional sale through an agent, listed on the market, may extend the selling timeline to months. Throughout this period, you’ll be responsible for ongoing property expenses, potentially offsetting the perceived higher price and incurring additional costs.

Numerous property owners come to realize that pricing slightly lower can often lead to a faster and more efficient sale. While this may result in obtaining a lower amount for the house, the savings in terms of reduced expenses on repairs, carrying costs, effort, and time can make it a well-balanced trade-off in the end.

Tip #2: Avoid Pricing Based On Fond Memories Or Emotion

Pricing an inherited property for sale presents a significant challenge for property owners, often stemming from the emotional attachment to cherished memories. While the market may dictate a certain value for the house, the sentimental value derived from fond memories, such as growing up or experiencing happy times in the house, can unintentionally influence the pricing decision. This emotional factor is a common occurrence that property owners frequently grapple with in this process.

An optimal strategy is to collaborate with a real estate company, allowing you to assess their offer objectively. It’s important to acknowledge that the proposed price might be lower than anticipated, not due to the house’s intrinsic value but because the delightful memories attached to it may have inadvertently inflated your pricing expectations. Working with professionals can provide a realistic perspective on the market value, ensuring a fair and balanced approach to selling the inherited property.

Tip #3: Build In Discounts For Repairs

Upon inheriting a property that a loved one had occupied for an extended period, it’s common to discover the need for repairs. While one option is to undertake the repairs independently, incurring costs for equipment, supplies, or a contractor, a more efficient approach is to save time and effort. By opting to request a lower price and offering a ‘repair discount,’ you avoid the complexities of the work while maintaining financial equilibrium. This strategy ensures a smoother transaction, benefitting both the seller and potential buyers.


In conclusion, pricing an inherited property for sale involves navigating emotional ties, market realities, and potential repair needs. While fond memories can elevate the perceived value, it’s crucial to approach the pricing process objectively. Collaborating with a real estate company like Investment Capital Home Buyers allows for a fair assessment, ensuring a realistic valuation. Additionally, considering a ‘repair discount’ can streamline the selling process, saving time and effort. Balancing sentiment with practicality facilitates a smoother transaction, benefiting both sellers and potential buyers in the journey of selling an inherited home in Orlando.

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